More than 700 deals successfully closed

We are an international firm specialized in corporate advisory services to mid-sized companies. In Closa we have been providing our services since 1987, and today we are proud to be the reference in the spanish mid-market for M&A. We have extensive industry specialization and proven experience in investment banking both in Spain and internationally and especially in Africa.

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We know what we do...

We have completed more than 700 successful transactions globally, and yet we can say that our greatest pride is to always provide our clients with a personalized and tailored service.

Services and Outcome

... in your industry.

Our philosophy is based on personalized costumer service and results. Therefore throughout all fases of the process, we will provide tailored and specialized financial advisory supported by years of experience. We will play a leading role, get involved at all stages, in accordance with your indsutry, and assure the success of each deal.


You may count on us...

Some transactions require the participation, especially during the latter stages of the process, of professionals from other specialties (auditors, lawyers, banks, etc.). We will lead independently, without any conflict of interests and according to the needs of our client, these multidisciplinary teams which are necessary for closing any transaction.

Worldwide Coverage

... here and everywhere.

Our offices in the Iberian Peninsula allow us a wide presence in this market. As well we have strategic partners, international leaders in M&A advisory, whom share our service vocation so we may provide you with a local service wherever your interests may be.

Long Term

We will stay with you...

Our vocation is to grow with you, building up from trust and professionalism. We abide to professional ethics criterias to select our clients, in order to guarantee succesful and long-lasting relationships.


... to be your trusted partner.

We are aware that processes require, for a sucessful outcome, a discreet and compromised management of confidentiality by the involved parties. Therefore our methodology focuses on managing all the exchanged information in the most secure and efficient manner. Your trust is our most precious asset.


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