Professional careers

One of the biggest strongholds of CLOSA are the aptitudes, specific experience, reliability and cohesion of the people who form part of its team, as well as the will for long-term permanence

CLOSA offers a solid business project, dynamic and independent, with a wide margin for adaptation for each individual person. CLOSA advises in operations of great importance for their clients, which involves the need to assume a high responsibility in the projects.

CLOSA is always in search of new professionals who add something different. The interested applicants to work in CLOSA must have stood out in their academic and professional stages, they must have proven analytic skills, communication skills, the ability to do team work and be considered good people.


  1. Intern/Analyst: CLOSA has 2 selection processes annually to cover vacancies for full-time intern which may turn into an offer for a position as an analyst at the end of the internship.
    1. For the period of January-June: The Selection Process starts in October
    2. For the period from July-December: The Selection Process starts in March
  2. Partner: CLOSA is always looking for partners, for the office of Barcelona or Madrid, but especially for Accra.
  3. Case by Case. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Our corporate group, as wells as many other well-established business relations, allow us to study every approach and try to give them an adequate outcome.

If you are interested in joining our project, send your CV to


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