Our team

"The Closa team worked impeccably with their international partners to find the right buyer, and guided us through each step of the buying process, which resulted in a great outcome for both shareholders and management team, and we happily recommend their services. to other colleagues, business owners." Mateo Pérez Camino | Deputy Director in Africa | Elecnor

"We have greatly enjoyed working with the Closa team. They provided unparalleled support and invaluable advice throughout the entire transaction. They are the perfect mediation to achieve the objectives." Gorka Oficialdegui | CEO in Africa |Venerable Capital

"Going through a critical scenario in our business, it has been important that we have made the right decisions during this stage, and Closa was one of these key decisions. We have worked with very professional and motivated people in various stages of the process. We hope to work with the Closa team again, as our business moves towards our ultimate goals." Celestino Alvarez Neira | Main shareholder of the group |Logiplus

The Closa team has given us invaluable advice preparing our business for a sales process and evaluating our options. This agreement gave us more domain power and allowed us to expand further, in a faster way. This is fantastic news for our exclusive network of growing investors." Yuri Cabello| CEO in Africa |Opein

"Closa demonstrated a very good knowledge of luxury brands which, through their experience of private capital, allowed them to find the perfect partner, the terms of the agreement were reached and transacted in full time, fulfilling my expectations. other business owners. Luis Ruano | Chairman | Stoorlabs


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