Newsletter Spring 2016

Lunes, 04 Abril 2016 00:00

Tener dinero es un Problema

Jueves, 31 Marzo 2016 00:00

Closa promueve el fondo Gordon

Viernes, 19 Febrero 2016 00:00

Will theTech bubble burst in 2016?

Jueves, 28 Enero 2016 00:00
It´s been 15 years since the dot-com bubble burst that caused a stock market loss of $ 5 trillion from 2000 to 2002, and recently, a lot of debate has been circling about a new tech burst. The worries among…
The food and beverage industry was marked last year by its biggest M&A deal up to date, with the $ 62.6billion takeover of Kraft by Heinz. As the main goal behind this merger was to address the problem of low…
The pharmaceutical sector has witnessed a record breaking wave of M&A deals in 2015 totaling a value of $ 724 billion, with an average of more than one life science acquisition per day. A number of factors lie behind this…

Battle of the Steel Industry

Jueves, 28 Enero 2016 00:00
One of the big economy stories of the past year has been the plummeting of commodity prices, which according to Bloomberg, have declined by 46% since 2011 causing bankruptcies and industry consolidation. In particular, the global steel industry has seen…

Economic Overview

Jueves, 28 Enero 2016 00:00
Inequality not the same as poverty Oxfam Intermón has issued a report at the beginning of 2016 on the problem of inequality where it denounces Spain as the country member of the OECD with the highest increase in inequality since…
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