Claudio G. Cocca nominated as President of the Board of Trustees of the Hayek Institute

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Claudio G. Cocca, GGI’s president, has been nominated as member of the Board of Directors and president of the Board of Trustees of the Friedrich A v Hayek Institute in Vienna, Austria.

The Friedrich A v Hayek Institute is a private, strictly independent academic research organisation and think tank that is dedicated to promoting the teachings of the Austrian School of Economics.

The Institute fulfils its charter by producing academic studies and organising various international events that centre on current economic issues. It develops marketbased solutions (such as against poverty, for education, safeguarding the enterprise location and workplace, promoting competition, innovation) and puts them in a holistic context; based on the laws of cause and effect. ‘For several years now I have been active in tackling complex economic subjects for a variety of international bodies and discussing these with experts. 

As a devotee of the Austrian School and a staunch Hayekist, supporting this major school of economic thought was a logical next step,’ Claudio G. Cocca explains. ‘I am taking on this role in the full conviction of the importance of putting the teachings of the Austrian School into practice. And in doing so, I am supporting the advancement of individual and economic freedom.’ 

The Hayek Institute’s diverse programme includes podium discussions, lectures, workshops, conferences and presentations.

Studies will be developed on different areas of economic theory and economic policy, modern issues will be examined and solutions will be proposed.

New developments on the financial market are just as constant a part of the research area as public expenses and location decisions. Particular emphasis is placed on public discussion and the transfer of knowledge. Centre-right coalition meetings specifically for schoolchildren and students (podium discussions, summer schools, child business week) and press talks are regular programme items at the Hayek Institute.

Student groups and initiatives from other free market institutions are also supported.

The Hayek Institute was present at 45 European conferences as a co-organiser of the 2017 Free Market Road Show. This includes the European Resource Bank Meeting (http://europeanresourcebank.org/) and the Mont Pèlerin Society conference as fixed items in the programme. Events and reports are presented at www.hayekinstitut.at. In coordination with pan-European think-tank projects – the European Resource Bank Meeting, the Free Market Road Show and the Values4Europe platform – there will mainly be a focus on European values during 2018.

Serious changes are afoot, not just in Austria, not even just in Europe, but worldwide. They concern politics, economics, social questions, the finance sector, media and private life. Both radical upheavals and gradual shifts are happening, sometimes accompanied by public discussions and media bluster, and at other times silently and calmly taking effect.

Now, the time is right to pause and reflect on whether all of this is compatible with the values and aims of our society. As such, and with this all in mind, the Friedrich A v Hayek Institute will tackle many issues which have arisen over the past few years, including fiscal policy, centralisation, regulation, welfare state, bureaucracy, education policy and economic education.

The institute’s events and publications will approach these topics from a variety of viewpoints. Offerings for the next generation will be adapted as appropriate. Intensified cooperation – both with Austrian institutions and with international free market organisations – should enhance the offering for Friedrich A v Hayek Institute members, while simultaneously helping to further promote causes central to a liberal society. The Hayek Institute’s appeal ‘Join us on the Road to Freedom’ is derived from Friedrich v. Hayek’s ‘The Road to Serfdom’.


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