CLOSA gets 40 people engaged in the secondary program since 2001

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Internationalisation is one of the defining themes of CLOSA’s mission and represents the core of the network’s expansion.

CLOSA recognizes that in order to carry itself towards its aim to keep a truly international organisation requires high caliber and motivated staff who are dedicated to achieving this aspiration. As such, CLOSA is committed to providing developmental opportunities to equip members’ staff with the knowledge, skill and motivation required to play a part in achieving this vision.

International exchange between staff from CLOSA and other member firms internationally represents a mutually beneficial opportunity for both members. For the sending member, undertaking an exchange affords the opportunity to develop individual skills and knowledge and provides staff with valuable global experience, which supports the work unit when they return home. For CLOSA, staff exchange represents the opportunity to develop and strengthen links with members all over the world.


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